Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm Really Doing It!

One month ago I was just living my life in New York, a city that I love, and thinking that I missed having more adventures. After a few conversations with friends of friends I decided to make the jump and move to China. I visited Shanghai two years ago and loved it and knew then that I wanted to experience living there. Once I made that choice it only took a couple of days to find a job that will get me to Beijing short term, enabling me to do some exploring and find something that will be a good fit. New York will always be my home but it's now time for me to travel again and explore.

Last week I gave notice at my job and this Friday I'll tell them goodbye. Next week I'll finish packing, vacate my fabulously located East Village apartment and fly off to my new home. I've already found a yoga studio that looks appealing and has classes in both English and Mandarin (Yoga Yard, in a neighborhood called Sanlitun).

I've lived in many parts of the United States and in several different countries, and have traveled in many more, but it's been over a decade since I've moved cities or countries. Other than giving my kitties up for adoption (they are now with a wonderful couple in a beautiful Brooklyn brownstone - Adelaide has made friends with a stuffed alligator and K.C. has found a radiator to warm his paws as he sleeps - but it was hard to let them go) this move is happening much more easily than I expected.

Life really is an adventure - when you allow it to be!

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nancydr2 said...

Dear Alicia,

News of you taking a trip to China came to me through my mom. I had been thinking about you earlier in December and was planning a trip to DC in the spring again. I was considering stopping by in NY on the way home. Well, the DC plans fell through. And even if I was to go- I wouldn't be able to visit you anyhow... I am so thrilled to hear about your experience in China and delighted to receive your blog website address. Thanks for sending!

Please describe your apartment when you get the chance- I'm just curious? Is it with a kitchen?
How many suitcases did you bring?
Take care, and do post some pictures when you can. I am thinking of you. Love, Aunt E