Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Brief Conversation in the Park

Yesterday some friends and I took advantage of the beautiful, warm spring holiday and had an afternoon picnic at Liuyin Park. It's one of the smaller public parks in Beijing, but the lake and an absence of crowds made it one we will visit again.

After our picnic by the lake we took a walk around the park. My two friends, their infant daughter and I enjoyed watching the koi in the lake, feeling a breeze in the trees and looking up at the blue sky. We stopped to chat with some of the other park visitors, all locals, along the way. While we were crossing a bridge we met a ten year old girl and her family and stopped for a quick conversation.

My friend: "Do you speak English?" (in English)

10 y.o. girl: "iPod"

While we all laughed the girl decided to continue, in Chinese: "iPods are made by Apple."

She may not be learning much English at school but the Apple media machine has certainly spread its message.

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