Monday, April 28, 2008

Massive Attack - Safe from Harm

Yesterday morning I woke up early and turned on my computer to play some music through iTunes. I also opened Skype then minimized it - there was no one on at 5:30am. Then I started to read the news.

After a couple of minutes my Skype phone rang. It was a friend back in the states. He wanted to make sure I was ok. Of course I was ok. Why the worry?

He said that my Skype account displayed the message "Massive Attack - Safe from Harm."

It took me a moment to realize why. My Skype settings display the name of the band and the song which I am playing. The song I was listening to was 'Safe from Harm,' by Massive Attack.

I'm safe. No harm. I'll be more careful with Skype from now on.

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